The Expressions of Pleasure in Sex Study

Are you at least 18 years old and sexually active?

Researchers at the University of Rochester are looking for people to complete a short research survey to examine how people express pleasure during sex.

The Expressions of Pleasure in Sex Study…

  • Is voluntary
  • Can be completed online
  • Is SHORT (takes 20-30 minutes)
  • Offers individual feedback – comparing your responses to those of thousands of others on:
    • Sex positivity & Sex-drive
    • Vitality & Comfort with casual sex
  • Includes an optional follow-up survey
    • Very short (8-12min)
    • Completed online
    • 6-months after completing the main survey
  • Open to all sexual identities & orientations (gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, queer)

The MindFlex Assessment Project

Are you seeing clients using ACT or Mindfulness-based interventions?

Clinical psychology researchers at the University of Rochester are looking for people to participate in a project developing an online service that uses a new scale (the MPFI; Rolffs, Rogge, & Wilson, 2016) to generate multidimensional psychological flexibility & inflexibility profiles for clients.

Projects Currently Under Analysis

Having collected data from over 50,000 online subjects across 30+ studies, we currently have multiple studies underway in the lab. However, most of them are in the data analysis stage as we work to run the planned analyses and publish papers out of them.


The remaining sections of this page outline a few of those studies to give you a sense of what is going on in our lab.


The Finding Partners Study

This is a  cross-sectional survey examining partner seeking in the 21st century. It assessed a wide range of partner seeking:

  • going to bars/clubs
  • social acitivies with friends
  • dating websites
  • geo-social networking apps like Tinder and Grindr

The study assessed:

  • motives for partner seeking
  • sexual risk-taking
  • heavy drinking and drug use
  • wellbeing and psychological distress
  • background factors that might influence these behaviors

The Finding Pleasure in Sex Survey

In this study we collected a sample of 213 couples and had them complete an array of measures on their relationships including:

  • frequency of specific sexual activities
  • consistency of achieving orgasms from specific activities
  • partner's sexual responsiveness
  • attitudes toward relationships and toward sex
  • a number of relevant background factors

The study collected 6-month follow-up data and so we are currently running analyses to examine the dyadic importance of orgasms in relationships.

The Mindfulness in Life Study

In this study we recruited 2,385 online respondents and had them complete measures of:

  • mindfulness (MAAS, FFMQ)
  • psychological inflexibility (AAQ-II, CompACT)
  • psychological flexibility (MPFI)
  • wellbeing
  • psychological distress

The study collected 4-month follow-up data and so we are currently running analyses to examine longitudinal links between psychological flexibility and wellbeing.